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Corporate Workshops

Raising Energy’s motivation is to help everyone live a happy, healthy and productive life. We all know, however, that many of us spend the vast majority of our time at work where we can be surrounded by negative energy. Maybe as a boss you want your team to be more positive and work in harmony?

Our corporate workshops can help any work place refocus on organisational goals, as well as individual ones. By adopting simple techniques, everyone can learn how to work harmoniously in a workplace – the essence of the corporate workshop is to teach individuals to block out negative influences and focus on their own task at hand (yes, we believe this could help reduce office gossip). After all, a positive mind puts a spring in every step! Imagine what your workplace could do if they knew how to focus their minds and brush off negativity?

The workshops are tailored to the needs and environment of individual company settings. They are based on a fun, hands-on approach created to help everyone understand themselves and their fellow workmates. Through positive counselling and by teaching simple ‘energy clearing techniques’ individuals and teams can help increase the positive energy flow within their environment.

Contact Angela Tyack today to learn how your workplace could benefit.

Workshop FAQS

What is a corporate workshop?

A corporate workshop is an interactive session designed for people who need help re-focusing on the positive aspects of life. They teach tools and techniques to respect and understand individuals, as well as themselves. By the end of the session everyone will be able to clear ‘blocked’ or negative energy and increase the positive energy flow within their work environment. 

Why would my workplace need this?
In today’s fast past world it is easy to get caught up the frantic pace and stressful vibes that surround us. Raising Energy is here to help you re-focus, re-balance and respect the people around you.

This workshop can help with:
-Individual positivity 
-Group motivation and ‘team building’
-Corporate and/or client relationships

What should I expect?
A great eye-opening adventure! Through the workshop individuals and teams can develop a whole new insight into how they can block out the bad and welcome in the good – it’s all about the energy that surrounds us!

Expect to be given practical, easy tools that can be applied to your workplace (and life outside work) without strenuous effort. The only limit on individual success is within their mind and attitude!

What is so unique about this workshop?
Raising Energy’s corporate workshops focus on understanding and respecting different personalities, utilising new age techniques that help people identify or feel others vibes, energies or ‘aura colours’. Yes, we know some of you might think this is a bit ‘different’, but there is great literature that validates the power of positive feelings and emotions. Think about it? Don’t you have a better day when you don’t have a care in the world and a spring in your step?

If you want a more ‘normal’ way of explaining this to your colleagues, essentially this workshop will help people understand that everyone is emotionally driven (be it cautious and careful, energetic, direct or bold), but there are ways we can help ourselves acknowledge another person’s personality traits and get along with them in the workplace, helping us be our best selves.

How long does each workshop run for?
Typically a workshop will run for two hours, but can vary depending on the particular needs and size of the groups. 

Where are the workshops held
Workshops are held within your office or at an agreed venue. 

What are the next steps?
1) Contact Angela for more information or to book a workshop.
2) At an arranged time, Angela will come to your workplace and establish the areas you need help with. The workshop will be tailored for your workplace.
3) The workshop will be hosted on the arranged date and time.
4) Your colleagues walk back to their desk re-energised and focused.
5) You enjoy a harmonious environment!

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