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Raising Energy

Thank you for visiting our website

If you would like to secure a future booking please register via the link below

Thank you for your patience, our currently waiting time for Readings appointments is approximately 1-2months

Appointment times are 9-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

(occasional Thursdays available)

Reiki Training is available more frequently (with less wait) as 2 weekends a month are allocated to training, if you would like to secure a future date please contact Angela

Angela is currently trying to reduce the waiting time for Reiki sessions; Reiki is so beneficial with managing a wide variety of aliments within our everyday health that it is important that clients aren't waiting months for a session.

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Reiki Training

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3 (Masters/Teachers)

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Intuitive Readings

Reiki Sessions

Combination - Reiki & Readings

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