What 2016 means for you

What does 2016 mean for you?

To understand what 2016 means you first need to reflect on the past and really analyse how your life has transformed over the last 2 years.

2014 was the start of change and challenges; it was the beginning for many to make positive changes in their lives and start new chapters. These changes weren’t always peaceful, in-fact you could have seen them as stressful and uprooting (almost the opposite to positive change). This was the first real year that the universe took its power to a new level within our subconscious and steered us to a path that would ultimately be for our highest good. Did you find that in 2014 there was an increase in job changes (job losses, new career paths etc) relationship, living arrangements etc. for yourself or people that surround you? This year was extremely important in setting the wheels in motion and energy for 2015… However.. if you resisted change in 2014 then you were in for a rough ride in 2015! On the flip side, if you embraced change in 2014 then 2015 was going to be easier and much calmer.

2015 ushered a much stronger energy for change. Any resistance that you presented in 2014 would come back stronger in 2015, especially around career, finances and relationships. 2015 is the year that was emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting as you grew to a more natural spiritual awakening. This year was all about taking charge and listening to your inner voice, it was also the year that helped you to take back your power and really face your fear. If anything fell apart in 2014 & 2015 please trust that it was for your highest good in the long run. The past 2 years has been all about finding peace and starting new chapters, this could have been in the form of welcoming new energies into your life (relationships, careers, babies, new living arrangements etc).

So what does it mean for 2016…

2016 is going to be a very powerful year! If you still have not embraced change in the previous two years and are unhappy then please expect that this year will help you to find the peace and happiness that you deserve (BUT… only ‘IF’ you are open to change and want to find it!). If the hard work was done in the previous two years and you embraced change and took the rollercoaster ride then there is amazing news on the way for you... Abundance and happiness will find you and new beginnings are ready to start. Everyone is on a different path and will ultimately find their way at their own time. Just remember to always find a silver lining in every situation as sometimes it is beyond your control, but the universe is working for your highest good.

Trust that 2016 is going to be a release for higher change. Embrace the ride and enjoy the scenery as you do down your own unique path. Hold no regrets and trust in every decision you make, let go of fear and try not to let money control you this year (as fear is going to be a huge block in 2016).

Have a beautiful 2016 and I look forward to keeping you updated on the energy trends as they happen. Xx Ange

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