Whats going on this week with our energy?

Whats going on this week with our energy?

The past 4 days has seen our crown chakra being energized & lifted with extra universal energy flowing within this area. This energy flow has magnificent upsides by enabling you to acess your spiritual connection that little bit more naturally/ without deep mediation or over thinking. Your sleeping should also be a little bit better than previous weeks.

However.. a very real & strong downside to this energy is the feeling of being:

-in a daze -not 100% present -spacey -forgetful -easily distracted -being on autopilot & not realising that you're not fully paying attention until something snaps you back to the present

Please be aware of this energy as it can cause accidents this week and we still have a few more days in this cycle.

Enjoy your Sunday

Xx Ange

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