How have you been feeling over the past 2 weeks?

Last months ‘Supermoon’ may have left your mind, but the powerful energy that it contains is still very real. The energy from this moon was so intense that it actually left people feeling completely exhausted and drained over the last two weeks, sugar cravings would have increased if this was how you were feeling.

Emotions and personal motivation has also been tested over this past two weeks with its purpose driven by the manifestations made collectively by all of us during the last full moon to usher in healthy change for your highest good (even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time).

The moons energy is still within power, but that power has shifted from being energised to feeling flat due to the new moon that’s just passed us. But rest assured, this ‘flat’ feeling is only because the moon is now on a different vibrational power… Children actually have more power and energy during this time but parents/ adults are feeling very tired as the vibration is so pure that it’s causing issues with general sleep.

Blocks are also starting to slowly shift within new beginnings. These new beginnings will present in many different shapes and forms as they become clear (especially within relationships and work), however... if now is not the right time for new beginnings to take form for you personally then you will be finding blocks slowing you down in-order to redirect your path to a more prosperous one.

So much is actually happening right now around all of us… especially in the next coming days as there is more astrological movements coming that will have minor & major energy effects on you. I will keep you posted as best I can to help you identify what is going on and how it will generally make you feel. Xx Ange

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