Get ready for a HUGE energy manifestation opportunity!

This Super Moon is set to occur on Monday 28th September with the’ Blood Moon/full Lunar Eclipse’ happening over the other-side of the world during the day for us in Australia on Monday. Whilst we have seen a vast amount of ‘super moons’ already this year, I have to give you the heads up that this moon is in-fact going to be the MOST powerful one for the year! Actually.. this moon was last seen like this in 1982 and wont occur again this close to earth (with the full lunar eclipse happening at the same time) until 2033.

What does this moon mean for you? It provides you with the power of manifestation to really break the blockages that have been holding you back lately and reclaim your personal power!

We have all been ‘smashed’ with the recent intense retrograde cycle and from this it has caused pretty heavy blockages and changes to occur.. however, you can now take charge of these changes and energy!!

Go outside under the moon tonight, tomorrow or even during the day when the Lunar eclipse is taking place (tomorrow) and really think about what you want to happen over the next 3-12 months! Make sure you ask for anything that will bring you peace and help you in this lifetime.. (you can also let go of anything no longer working for you also).

Simply write a list or say what you want to happen under the moon and enjoy the energy that will come into your life. If you don’t feel you need to ask for anything then ask for others, for example.. tomorrow I have on my list to bring significant rain to drought declared areas within Australia.

Take it easy over the next few days as this energy his high and intense (headaches, light headed and extreme tiredness are all very common during this phase). Enjoy Ange

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