Wow.. talk about intense energy..

Each week I aim to give you guys the most relevant energy trends happening to help you navigate your emotions, personal energy and surroundings.

This week has been a particularly hard week to put into words for a change.. But I’m going to try my best to explain the crazy full-on energy consuming so many people at the moment.

Since the passing of the last full moon it has left a raw, yet game changing energy around. This energy is making people be very self-involved and feel victimized. The whole purpose of this energy is trying to teach us to rise above our need to look after number one and start loving each other again.

You may feel slightly overwhelmed this week being out in public, driving or just being in crowds as there is an overpowering sense of rudeness and exhaustion coming from all directions. People are being easily offended as sensitivities are extremely raw and this is converting normal actions into aggression or rudeness. If you are feeling that people just are being rushed, rude, negative or not themselves then you should shield yourself with love and in return your energy will bounce back to them in a positive flow.

Right now there is a ridiculous amount of intense energy surrounding our vibration levels, however, as I mentioned earlier its game changing energy!! If you can embrace this energy (positively) and start sending out personal love to those around you; then you will be moving forward faster with the energy movements in a more settled and happy outlook. But if you join in the current powerful wave that’s making people edgy and negative then you might get swept away faster than you can swim back.

Love the little things you have in life and try to find the best in your day today.

love & light Ange

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