What an intense but weird energy week

With so much movements happening above us within our astrological zone its having a ripple effect down to us on earth.

This week has been both draining (due to disrupted sleep energy) & repetitive; like we are going around in circles not knowing how we feel or which way to exit for best path.

Without knowing it, our lives have been reviewed by our higher self & right now you're making subconscious decision on which direction you need to take.

Are you feeling like your watching your life from an outside prospective or looking at other people making bold decisions? Are you feeling like you're missing something but cant put your finger on it? Or do you feel like major change is about to take place?

With so much intense energy around you need to go with the positive flow & be open to enjoying the ride. Your highest-self knows what you need & while the energy is perfect it will direct you to the best path possible. Let go of fear & see where it takes you.

Ignore the negative & extremely draining (almost like vampire sucking draining energy) thats the underlying current with this trend as it only wants to bring you down & you have the power to rise higher & be much more.

Xx Ange

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