The energy layers that you are feeling right now

Energy Layers

Layer #1 - The past two weeks a shift within the energy that affects light workers has occurred. This energy felt like a drop in pressure. Its purpose is to allow much needed downtime for lightworkers/ sensitive people between energy cycles. However, because we have been so used to the intensity of the energy this year, the downtime has made people feel lost, questioning if they are on the right path, unmotivated and indecisive. Trust that this current cycle is only for a very short time.. if you are using this energy for your highest good then you will be feeling the benefits of this downtime. If you are worrying that you’re feeling lost or directionless then my recommendation is to enjoy the stillness and use it to catchup on tasks that you have put off.. or even break the cycle and something that you don’t normally make enough time for. Trust me when I say that you will be wishing you enjoyed the downtime when the next cycle of energy hits (its going to be fast and strong).

Layer #2 – Children are mainly the ones that are feeling this layer. Because the energy is in a breather cycle for the average adult the naturally sensitive children are feeling this energy as a wave of purity. It’s a higher vibration for them and as a result the following results may occur:

-Sleep interruptions and vivid dreaming

- Extra energy and irritability

- Clingy and needy (this has to do with too much energy around and wanting to share the load)

-over stimulation of the energy cycle has caused some kids to get sick as a way to allow them to slow down.

Layer #3- Sleep has been one a crazy rollercoaster cycle for a lot of people.. some nights over the past 2 weeks has been so intense that insomniac energy has become very present. Dreams are also in over drive right now- especially ones that involve releasing of fears (this is our souls way of helping us move to the next coming energy cycle where we can go forward fearlessly).

From what I can feel this cycle still has 1-2 weeks left before the energy gets intense again. Don’t feel lost or unmotivated its just a breather and soon enough doors will open and paths will become clear once more.

Love and Light


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