A personal note from Angela, Reiki Master/ Teacher about Reiki Courses

I often get asked ‘why did you choose Reiki as your life purpose path?’ and my answer is simple as it wasn’t me that ultimately went out searching for Reiki, it was Reiki that found me. Like all my students I have taught over my years I believe that Reiki will find you when the time is right and you will be drawn to the teacher that is right for you. It shouldn’t be rushed or ‘sold’ to you, it should feel right and be a journey you will forever enjoy within your lifetime.

I believe that Reiki is so much more than a universal healing energy; it is an energy that brings hope, love and transition into your life; if you are prepared to accept and open to the journey.

My most favourite part about teaching Reiki is connecting personally to each of my students and seeing them get so much out of the Reiki journey they embark on, as I have with my own journey. I always think that I have a favourite level that I teach, but in honesty each level available to teach in Reiki has its own amazing qualities for example:

Level One – What I love about Level one is the beginning to something wonderful! The physical/ emotional and mental energy starts to transition and open in an amazing way.. This level is all about the awakening to the beautiful energy and the 21 day cleanse/ daily chakra opening that takes place. I love catching up with my students after their 21 days post Reiki Level one training and going over their Reiki journal with them, it is here that we can see all the subtle and beautiful changes that have taken place during this time. Reiki is so powerful, yet subtle so it can be incorporated into your life without shock or confusion... It has a mind of its own and it knows your body & soul better than you know yourself! Just by trusting Reiki and opening your energy to this universal power you are allowing yourself to become better connected on levels you never imagined. Reiki works to the energy of the individual, meaning everyone’s journey is unique and paced differently. There is never an end to this process if you keep Reiki open in yourself.

Level Two – A common mistake I am seeing with Reiki teachings at the moment is the rush between the level one and two training. If you allow Reiki level one training to evolve over at least 21 days then you will feel a stronger connection to your Level two training (I’m not saying this is mandatory, however, it is strongly recommended to wait for the 21days). By experiencing the 21 day cleanse it will allow your chakras the time needed to fully open to the Reiki energy and your connection to the Level two symbols/ higher healing energy will be more enjoyable. What makes Level two training so special to me is being able to give my students the ability to take control within their lives! Level two provides students with three symbols: power, protection and distance healing. The symbols can be used in everyday life more than you imagine, a sense of having control comes into play as you can help others around you and yourself on a level you could only imagine. Level two is also the level that is needed to make this a life purpose and a career as they become practitioners at the completion of this level (should they choose to or their path opens to doing so).

Level three/ Masters – The only way I can explain the love for this level is the special bond & connection I have with all my students that have gone down this path as each of their journey didn’t happen overnight and was done over a period of 1-3 years, which made them feel like family to me. It’s not a level I go out of my way to promote as I believe if you are destined to do your Masters then the path will open up for you. I rarely teach Reiki Masters to anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the level two energy for less than 12 months as I believe Reiki has no time frame but your journey will only be strengthened if you allow it sufficient time to blossom (for example by doing level 1,2 & 3 within a few weeks then that’s not sufficient time).

One thing I absolutely pride myself on when it comes to my Reiki teaching and my business is the connection I maintain with my students. They will always be updated if I add to my manuals (which I’m forever doing as you never stop teaching or learning), if Australia’s Reiki movement changes or if they have lost their certificates or workbooks I always keep records available just an email away.

This is just a little inside into the wonderful world of Reiki. My biggest advice to you if you are thinking about experiencing Reiki or learning it for yourself is to make some appointments with a variety of Reiki Teachers and go with the teacher that you connect with the most. Don’t be ‘sold’ a Reiki course; instead do it because it makes you want to me more for yourself.

Love Angela

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