Are you feeling worn out, tired &/or slightly unwell?

The last 3 weeks has seen lightworkers go into overdrive mode, whether you realise it or not.. those that are here to help others have been called into action (subconscious & consciously). The intense energy surrounding us all has increased since the last full moon as it lead into this current full moon. Those who are lightworkers would have experienced insomnia or restless sleep patterns over the last 3 weeks; this was caused by the higher-self working on different energetic levels during your sleep trying to ease the overall intensity & anxiousness for those around us.

At the moment Fear seems to be winning the current battle as people are still feeling the need to hold onto things/ situations they cant control.

Tonight you can help yourself & others in a physical & spiritual way.. under the Full Moon you can release control & set new intentions in motion. Cut away unwanted cords & ground yourself.

If you feel yourself burning out then you must listen to your body.. lightworkers are at the height of the energy right now & its causing those who haven't stopped to take care of themselves to burnout (a forced stop). Take it easy & recharge your batteries.. i have a feeling that the next month ahead you will need them.

Love & light Ange

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