You may be feeling some intense energy right now

Following up from my last energy post 2 days ago, I mentioned that there were several layers of energy happening at the moment (one of these layers being the effect on sensitive children and animals*).

The next energy layer I want to draw focus to is about the energy shift that’s mainly affecting the male energy spectrum. The last few days have seen the male energy (in particular) feel the full brunt of this energy shift, and it has caused a few different flow-on effects to occur;

-A drop in energy/ and a need for extra sleep -Edgy/ short temperament -Questioning work choices/ general direction or searching for change in routine (or just feeling like they are burning the candle at both ends right now with work or home) -feeling unwell -weird dreams (this is to do with the awakening process) -restlessness (but not knowing why they feel this way) -feeling overwhelmed that there’s too much to get done, but not enough time.

I’m not too sure why its channelling the male spectrum, but I think it has to do with the ‘non-direct’ awakening process. The energy has broken out into several layers in order to shake up blockages and allow everyone to move forward together. Some people go through the ascension (universal awakening process) faster than others. To me it seems this week was a bit of a breather for those who have struggled over the past few months and its provided a chance for those who would naturally block the process to awakening through a subtle energy (but in return it has caused them to question and go through a bit of an emotional swing without realising).

It doesn’t necessarily mean that this layer is limited to males; to me it’s just been the most common occurrence when I was looking into the trend deeper. If you have been lucky enough to shelter from the last 27 months of energy fluctuations/ change then there a good chance you would be feeling this shift this week also. The next 3 days seems to be the end of this cycle and a change will shift to a new vibration (which I will keep you posted on).

Enjoy your weekend! Xx Ange

*please refer to the previous facebook post

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