March Energy shift is coming

You're probably breathing a sigh of relief as we near the energy shift occurring in March (just a few days away with the full moon on Friday).

The last two months has seen extremely intense energy with a purpose to shift us to a new age of consciousness. However, the last two weeks have been the icing on the cake for energy intensity.. you may not know it but its affected you more than you realise..

The last two weeks were a real shake up of our 'old' patterns & this res...ulted in extreme tiredness, feeling slightly unwell, random vivid dreams & food patterns changing. Last week in particular (Tues-Thurs being the most intense) caused arguments within relationships as a result from the extreme shifts & tiredness.

Fear has also increased within our 'one-ness soul connection' as blocks within finances/ material needs are still hanging around.

The good news is March will release more blocks after the full moon cycle has passed (but our own human effort is still required to shift more blocks)

If you felt unusual, down or exhausted over the last few weeks then know that you're not alone as your energy is connected to a higher grid which you're starting to tune into more regularly.

Grounding & outdoors will reduce the intensity of this current cycle.

xx Ange

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