What an intense start to the New Year!

So many energy fluctuations have been flying through already.. Sleep is still unfortunately being messed with at the moment. Last night was another peak of this energy which resulted in a terrible night sleep for those extra sensitive, unfortunately it was meant to be the opposite effect, however, we have so much negative energy in our surroundings that a...re causing our energy to move in opposite patterns to what they should be (this can be because of election exhaustion/ fighting or just fear and worry based). Today was also a step up of the retrograde energy coming into full swing and as a result you may have felt drained, cranky (shorter tempers) or restless. I have been guided to remind you that if you have crystals or gems to recharge them and place them close as it can help absorb the excess energy and provide clear, higher energy to your spiritual-self. Drink plenty of water and ground yourself as much as possible. With this much energy shifts happening at the moment it’s only helping us to get to where we need to be quicker. There is always a silver lining. Xx Ange

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