Art - By Helen Devenish

Raising Energy is proud to dedicate this page to a very talented and emerging Townsville artist, Helen Devenish.   Below is a sample of Helen’s abstract and new age paintings aimed to help people find harmony and peace within their personal space.  Each painting is original and inspired by the ever changing energy within our universe.   Helen is qualified in Reiki healing and inspires to help everyone find the right art for their personal space.   Paintings can be customised to suit  personal needs, ideas and inspiration for the office, business or home.  

Paintings can be purchased by emailing: or call 0408 181 541. 

*Each painting is infused with Reiki Energy to help add universal energy to your home or workplace.  For more information please contact us*

enchanted garden

Lonely walk

More paintings are available for viewing on request.  This is just a preview of Helen Devenish's work.  Helen creates art to suit her clients needs and space,  currently she is working on abstract paintings for local display homes around Townsville and hair salon shop walls. 

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Due to high volume of booking demand Raising Energy is currently booked out a few months in advance, calendar availability will be offered to the waiting list for future bookings



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